BBC Reveals Casting For Peter Moffat’s The Last Post

BBC One has confirmed casting for Peter Moffat’s (Undercover) forthcoming six part drama, The Last Post. It will star Jessie Buckley (War & Peace), Amanda Drew (Broadchurch), Ben Miles (Coupling), Stephen Campbell Moore (History Boys)‎ and Jessica Raine‎ (Call The Midwife).

Set in the mid-Sixties in the shimmering heat of Aden, Yemen, The Last Post centres on a unit of Royal Military Police officers and their families. Their job is two-fold: half soldiers and half policemen who face constant insurgency and threat. Danger is everywhere. Hand grenades, mines and sniper attacks are a constant threat.

As the insurgency takes a real hold and casualties mount it becomes harder for everyone not to start to ask the big questions. What are we doing here? Is it right? As the old established order of the Fifties comes apart who will survive and who will flounder?

Based on Peter Moffat’s childhood memories, his father’s life as an officer in the Royal Military Police and his mother’s struggle between being what the army required her to be and what she felt like being, The Last Post is a close-up view of soldiering with strong contemporary parallels.

Peter Moffat says: “Young married couples in the heart of the Sixties living in extremely close proximity in a very alien and dangerous environment has always struck me as ripe territory for drama.”

“Throw in rock’n’roll and tumultuous love stories alongside the unexplored territory of this period in our history and you have a pretty heady mix. This was my parents world and one I have wanted to write about all my career.”

The Last Post will be directed by Jonny Campbell (The Casual Vacancy) and Miranda Bowen (Women In Love). Filming begins later this month in South Africa.