Bobby Moore Love Story To Be Dramatised For TV

ITV have announced that Michelle Keegan (Coronation Street) and Lorne MacFadyen (Granchester) will play Tina and Bobby in a new three part drama written by Lauren Klee (EastEnders) to be filmed in Manchester this summer.

When England won the World Cup in July 1966, Bobby Moore became a national hero. Tina and Bobby tells the story of the football legend’s life with his childhood sweetheart, Tina Dean, from their humble beginnings to the dizzy heights of superstardom.

Tina first met Bobby aged 15 when she “played hookey from school to go to the Ilford Palais with her cousin Jenny”. Bobby was only 17 himself and, though an exciting emerging talent, had yet to make a first team appearance.

In 1965 Bobby was diagnosed with testicular cancer and faced a career threatening operation. With the World Cup around the corner it looked as if Bobby wouldn’t be able to play but, against all the odds, he fought his way back to fitness and made history.

Although their heady lifestyle took its toll, Tina and Bobby’s marriage survived. However, when Bobby’s career waned and business ventures failed the cracks started to show and Tina began to realise that their biggest challenges were still to come.

The series is based on Tina Moore’s memoir, Bobby Moore: By The Person Who Knew Him Best and will be directed by John McKay (Life On Mars). The cast includes Patsy Kensit (Emmerdale) as Tina’s mother Betty, and David Bamber (Midsomer Murders) as England Manager Alf Ramsey.