Channel 4 Confirms Two More Series Of Catastrophe

Channel 4 has confirmed that award winning comedy Catastrophe, which stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, has been greenlit for a third and fourth series.

Catastrophe follows the trials and tribulations of Sharon (Horgan) and Rob (Delaney) who have a brief affair that results in an unwanted pregnancy. Rob decides to move to the UK and attempts to be Sharon’s partner and a father to their child with mixed results.

Sharon and Rob, who also write the series, said “We are thrilled to be making a third series of Catastrophe. Rob and Sharon are a blast to spend time with. And we’re not talking about ourselves in the third person, we’re talking about the characters. We’re eager to breathe life back into Rob and Sharon. Okay, now we are talking about us.”

“In the first series Rob and Sharon went through a lot (us) and even more in the second series (back to the characters). We’re looking forward to putting Rob and Sharon (both us and the characters) through further pain for your enjoyment (now we’re talking about you).”

The third six-part series of Catastrophe will go into production in November and premiere on Channel 4 in 2017. The first two series are available on Amazon Prime Video in the US.