Channel 4 Orders The First Manned Mission To Mars

Channel 4 and Hulu have ordered new eight-part drama The First, written and created by Beau Willimon (House of Cards), set in the near future about the first manned mission to Mars.

Beau Willimon says: “It’s a story about the human spirit. About our indomitable need to reach for unknown horizons… How ordinary, imperfect people band together and overcome a myriad of obstacles to grasp the extraordinary… The prize is Mars, but the story is about the humans trying to get there.”

Head of International Drama at Channel 4, Simon Maxwell, says: “The first interplanetary colonisation will be the greatest pioneering feat in history – the pinnacle of human achievement spearheaded by true visionaries – and will herald a new chapter in the evolution of our species. Beau Willimon is the perfect storyteller to bring this epic story to life.”

The First goes into production later this year and is slated to premiere on Channel 4 in the UK and Hulu in the US in 2018.