Channel 4 To Adapt Lucy Kirkwood’s Play Chimerica

Channel 4 has announced new four-part drama Chimerica, based on the play by Lucy Kirkwood, in which a photojournalist tries to uncover the truth behind the iconic image that launched his career nearly 30 years ago.

Set against the run-up to the 2016 US Presidential election, the original play has been updated to reflect the political changes of the last two years. It will bring into even sharper focus vital issues such as fake news, the undermining of political protest, the battle between present and future superpowers, the future of democracy itself, and our growing ease with the manipulation of fact and image.

Chimerica will be a resonant exploration of our slide into a post-truth world, scrutinising the way we live now, as we wade through unprecedented amounts of information, ill-equipped to know which parts of it are true, or lock ourselves in echo chambers full of people who already agree with us.

Lucy Kirkwood said: “Since I wrote the original play in 2013, the questions it raises have only acquired greater scale and relevance for us all. It was thrilling for me to return to the story of two men, one American and one Chinese, trying to work out how to respond to the outrages of an increasingly outrageous world, and look through their eyes at our changing relationship with journalism, power, protest, and images themselves.”

Chimerica, to be directed by William Oldroyd (Lady Macbeth), will begin filming later this year.