Christopher Eccleston In Family Drama Come Home

BBC One has announced new three-part drama Come Home, written by Danny Brocklehust, about the messy realities of parenthood, marriage and what happens when a mother hits the reset button on her life.

Set and filmed in Northern Ireland, Come Home follows Marie (Paula Malcomson) who has made the hardest decision of her life by walking out on husband Greg (Christopher Eccleston) and their three children. But why did she leave, what impact will it have on those around her, and how will she be judged?

Danny Brocklehurst says: “Chris and Paula are two of the UK’s finest actors and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have them in Come Home. The drama takes Greg and Marie on a hugely emotional journey as it explores the fallout from a mother leaving her children and it requires actors of their calibre to pull it off.”

“I’ve been a fan of Chris Eccleston ever since I first saw him in Cracker and have wanted to work with him my entire career. Paula is a stunning character actress who brings credibility and depth to every role she plays. Their combination promises to be amazing.”