Deutschland 83’s Samira Radsi To Direct No Offence

Channel 4 has announced that Deutschland 83’s Samira Radsi will direct episode five of the forthcoming second series of Paul Abbot’s No Offence. This marks Radsi’s British directorial debut, and will begin shooting on 1st August 2016.

Samira says: “This is my first UK gig and once I started watching No Offence I couldn’t stop and fell in love with those fantastic characters, and all being played so well. The show’s been bought by ZDF Neo so is being shown in Germany and I’m definitely curious to see how the German audience reacts!”

“Of course I knew Shameless and I was a fan of Paul, as his work is unique and original. He has a deep understanding for how life can become so desperate and absurd to try and survive as a human being – whoever you are and wherever you come from.”

“No matter how off the wall some of his characters behave and how wild some of the scenarios are, there is always a deep sense of truth to it. Simply brilliant work!”

The first two episodes of the new series of No Offence are directed by Catherine Morshead (Fungus The Bogeyman), and Sarah O’Gorman (Stella) is on her final week of filming episodes three and four. The director for the final two episodes has yet to be confirmed.

Series two of No Offence will air in October on Channel 4.