E4 Teases Backpacking Comedy Drama Gap Year

E4 has released a launch trailer for new eight-part comedy drama Gap Year, about a motley group of travellers on a three-month trip around Asia, which premieres in February.

Gap Year is the story of British lads Dylan (Anders Hayward) and Sean (Ade Oyefeso), childhood friends who have drifted apart, who initially set out to backpack through China but end up taking on the whole continent.

On the road the pair quickly form a motley crew with May (Alice Lee) who wants to meet her extended family in China, Ashley (Brittney Wilson) who is making the most of life before she starts her new career, and divorcee Greg (Tim Key) who wants to recapture his wild youth.

Will the gang manage to find the nirvana they seek as they camp on the Great Wall, wade through jungles in Malaysia, rub shoulders with ex-pats in Singapore and the crowds that throng the banks of the Ganges? Or will they lose their money, their passports and control of their bowels in a filthy backpacking hostel that doesn’t exist on Google maps?

Gap Year premieres on E4 in February, and will air later this year on TNT in the US.