Expect Trauma From Doctor Foster’s Mike Bartlett

ITV has ordered Trauma, a new three-part drama from Mike Bartlett (Doctor Foster), which tells the story of 15 year old Alex Reynolds who dies in the care of trauma consultant Jon Stephens.

Devastated and heartbroken, Alex’s father, Dan, believes Jon is responsible for Alex’s death and as he strives for justice, he begins to unpick the very fabric of Jon’s life. Are Dan’s concerns about how Jon cared for his son in his hour of need justified or are his actions borne of overpowering grief?

Mike Bartlett says: “I feel hugely lucky to be writing a brand new series for ITV. Trauma is a story about two fathers with very different lives, locked in conflict. I hope the series will be moving, terrifying and timely… If we increasingly mistrust institutions and experts, what happens when we desperately need them?”

Trauma begins filming in London in summer 2017.