Frankenstein Chronicles To Return To ITV Encore

ITV has commissioned a second series of period crime drama, The Frankenstein Chronicles, inspired by Mary Shelley’s gothic classic and starring Sean Bean (Game Of Thrones).

The Frankenstein Chronicles is a reimagining of the Frankenstein story which follows John Marlott, a Waterloo veteran who is fighting his own demons and haunted by the loss of his wife and child.

In the first series Marlott’s pursuit of a diabolical killer took him into the most exalted rooms and darkest corners of Georgian London – a world of body snatchers, anatomists and scientists whose interests and ambitions came together in the market for dead bodies.

As Marlott’s investigation progressed, he came up against the medical establishment and political forces wrestling with scientific progress. One thing was for certain: a demonic power was at work in the city, attempting to reanimate the dead.

Filming for the new series begins in Northern Ireland in January 2017.