Janeane Garofalo To Guest Star In Foreign Bodies

Janeane Garofalo has been handed a recurring guest role in the forthcoming E4 / TNT co-production Foreign Bodies, an eight part comedy drama about a group of young adults venturing across China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Garofalo will guest star in the recurring role of Sam, a seasoned traveller who, after 20 years working in tourism and visiting exotic places, has very much had her fill. Cynical, streetwise and permanently unimpressed, Sam is a counterpoint to the excitable, wide eyed young travellers she meets, and she’s quick to dispel them of their romantic and idiotic assumptions about the world and the value of travel.

In Foreign Bodies, May (Alice Lee) wants to meet her extended family in China, Ashley (Brittney Wilson) is making the most of life before she starts her new career, Dylan (Anders Hayward) wants to win back his ex-girlfriend, Sean (Ade Oyefeso) wants to lose his innocence, and divorcee Greg (Tim Key) wants to recapture his wild youth.

Will the gang manage to find the nirvana they seek as they camp on the Great Wall, wade through jungles in Malaysia, rub shoulders with ex-pats in Singapore and the crowds that throng the banks of the Ganges? Or will they lose their money, their passports and control of their bowels in a filthy backpacking hostel that doesn’t exist on Google maps?

None of them get what they hoped for, and realise that they can’t take a holiday from themselves.

Foreign Bodies was created by Tom Basden (Plebs), and is written by Basden, James Wood (Rev), Amy Roberts (Shameless), Loren McLaughlin (Shameless), Charlie Covell (Banana), Tim Key (We Need Answers) and Jonny Sweet (Chickens).

Foreign Bodies will premiere on E4 in early 2017, and will air later in the year in the US on TNT.