Jodie Whittaker In Psychological Thriller Trust Me

New four-part psychological thriller Trust Me, written by Dan Sefton (Good Karma Hospital) and starring Jodie Whittaker (Broadchurch), will premiere Tuesday 8th August on BBC One.

Trust Me follows nurse Cathy (Whittaker) who, after losing her job for whistle-blowing, is forced to take drastic measures to provide for her daughter.

Out of desperation, Cathy steals her best friend’s identity as an A&E doctor to start a new life in Edinburgh. Burying herself deeper and deeper in the adopted persona, she realises that she really could have everything she ever wanted.

However, with her good-for-nothing ex-partner Karl (Blake Harrison) trying to spend time with them and a journalist chasing her about the issues at her former hospital, how will Ally cope with her double life?

Dan Sefton says: “Having worked in the NHS for most of my adult life, I know only too well that it provides the perfect setting for a contemporary drama – the characters, the (often literal) pain – as well as the affection and dedication of staff.”

“Trust Me shows all of that but its central story is Cathy, a decent, honourable woman who, when everything is falling apart, takes a huge risk in search of a better life. A life that she will fiercely protect.”