Juliet Rylance To Join James Norton In McMafia

BBC One has announced that Juliet Rylance (The Knick) will join James Norton in the forthcoming adaptation of Misha Glenny’s novel McMafia, a story of survival and revenge that becomes an epic tale of one man’s struggle against the lures of corruption.

McMafia follows Alex Godman (James Norton), the English son of Russian exiles with a mafia past. Alex has spent his life trying to escape the shadow of that criminal past, building his own legitimate business and forging a life with his girlfriend Rebecca (Juliet Rylance).

But when his family’s past murderously returns to threaten them, Alex is drawn into the criminal world and forced to confront his values to protect those he loves.

The cast is rounded out by David Strathairn (The Bourne Ultimatum) as Israeli businessman Semiyon Kleiman, Faye Marsay (Game Of Thrones) as Alex’s sister Katya, Aleksey Serebryakov (The Method) as Alex’s father Dimitri, and Maria Shukshina (Yolki 3) as Alex’s mother Oksana.

The writing team for McMafia, led by Hossein Amini (Drive) and James Watkins (The Woman In Black), includes David Farr (The Night Manager), Peter Harness (Doctor Who) and Laurence Coriat (Wonderland). Filming will take place in London, Russia and Croatia.