On Demand Viewing Hits 80% For Sky Atlantic

In a blog post Gary Davey, Managing Director of Content at Sky, has revealed that on demand viewing is now as high as 80% for some shows on Sky Atlantic:

“How customers watch TV is continuing to change and quicker than the tools used by the industry to measure consumption can currently keep up with.”

“What we have seen is the more flexibility you give people in terms of how and when they can watch a show – live, on demand and on the go – the bigger the audience we can build over time.”

“Since (Sky Atlantic) launched five years ago it has evolved from a live channel to one in which half of all viewing is now on demand and for some shows it’s as much as 80%.”

“An episode of a new drama can typically expect its audience to at least treble in the first week after it premieres with it continuing to grow in the months that follow as customers watch recordings or see it on demand as part of a box set.”

“A great example would be The Last Panthers… What we found was that viewing really spiked at Christmas – six or so weeks after it originally aired.”

Sky recently announced that it has six original new dramas in production set to air over the next 18 months: Delicious, Guerilla, Jamestown, Riviera, The Last Dragon Slayer, and Tin Star.