Peter Straughan Adapts Supernatural Thriller The Three

BBC One has commissioned The Three, a new eight-part thriller with a supernatural twist to be adapted by Peter Straughan (Wolf Hall) from the trilogy of books by Sarah Lotz.

Four planes crash on the same day in four different countries. Three children miraculously survive…

Elspeth Martin, a no-nonsense crash investigator with the NTSB in Washington, is under pressure to find out what caused the crashes. A rationalist, she is dogged in her determination to get at the truth, but this process is obstructed by conflicting evidence, media scrutiny and conspiracy theories.

Then there are rumours that a fourth child has survived one of the crashes, and a mysterious message is discovered on a passenger’s mobile phone.

At the heart of the story are the three surviving children – ‘The Three’: Bobby in New York, Jess in England and Hiro, a Japanese boy who has become selectively mute. They are six or seven years old and all seem strangely changed by what has happened to them.

Elspeth’s journey to discover the truth takes her across four continents – to the townships of South Africa, the Florida swamps, the depths of the Atlantic and the notorious Aokigahara ‘suicide forest’ in Japan. It’s a journey that will utterly change her and force her re-evaluate her everything she believes in…

Peter Straughan said: “The Three looks at how fear and paranoia can affect society on a global level, while interrogating the effects of trauma on ordinary lives. Working on the project so far has been a fascinating journey, and I can’t wait to continue with our exciting team.”