Rose Bretécher Memoir Pure Set For Channel 4 Adaptation

Channel 4 has announced a six-part adaptation of Rose Bretécher’s memoir Pure, written by Kirstie Swain (Clique), which explores what it means to be a young woman today while dealing with mental illness, and what it means to discover a whole new world.

22 year old Marnie is not OK. She may just seem quiet to others, but the noise inside her head is relentless. For the last 2031 days, she has been assailed by an incessant barrage of graphic x-rated thoughts that intrude, at the most inopportune of moments, on her day to day life.

Whether she’s sitting exams at university, waiting at a bus stop or passing strangers on a street, her life is interrupted by irrepressible sexual thoughts. Marnie has no idea what’s wrong with her. Why is she plagued by these mental images and what do they mean? Is that who she really is?

Now in her final year at university in Scotland, Marnie’s anxiety has reached fever pitch. At breaking point, she packs a bag, jumps on the first available train and, unable to go home, ends up in London. She doesn’t know a soul, but the big city seems the perfect place to reinvent herself.

Kirstie Swain says: “While I don’t suffer from Rose’s exact condition, Pure resonated so deeply with me because I can absolutely relate to the experience of being an outer calm and an inner cyclone… It embodies everything I want to say as a woman and as a writer and it gives voice to the often silent issue of mental health.”

Pure begins filming in early 2018 and will air on Channel 4 later that year.