Sarah Lancashire Puts Spotlight On Social Work In Kiri

Channel 4 has announced new four-part drama Kiri, starring Sarah Lancashire (Happy Valley) and written by Jack Thorne (National Treasure), which examines the abduction and death of a young black girl who is due to be adopted by her white foster family, and the trail of lies, blame, guilt and notoriety that follow.

Miriam (Sarah Lancashire) is an experienced, no-nonsense social worker with an instinctive approach to protecting the children in her care, who arranges for Kiri to have an unsupervised visit with her biological grandparents.

But when Kiri disappears during the visit, the fingers of suspicion and blame from the police, the press, and even her colleagues, point firmly at Miriam. As the media spotlight around the story intensifies, Miriam, as well as both sets of families, are forced to ask the toughest questions, not just of themselves, but of each other.

Kiri’s birth grandfather, Tobi (Lucian Msamati), finds both his race and dysfunctional relationship with his son, the prime suspect in Kiri’s murder, put under the microscope. Meanwhile, Kiri’s foster mother, Alice (Lia Williams), watches as her family starts to crumble under the pressure of very public grief.

Jack Thorne says: “My Mum spent most of her life in the caring professions and I’ve always wanted to find a way of examining the pressures they are put under. I’m so grateful as always for the bravery and brilliance of Channel 4 in being prepared to look these issues in the face.”

Kiri, directed by Euros Lyn (Happy Valley), will begin filming in 2017, and is slated to air on Channel 4 in 2018.