Siobhan Finneran As Cheshire Housewife In Cold Feet

ITV has announced that Siobhan Finneran (Happy Valley) will star in the new series of Cold Feet which starts next month.

Siobhan Finneran plays Nikki Kirkbright, a stereotypical Cheshire housewife with money, a big house and big hair who David (Robert Bathurst) meets through his career in personal finance, and the two soon develop a close bond.

David discovers that Nikki’s husband George (Robert Glenister) isn’t quite as he seems, and Nikki is about to make her bid for freedom with David forming part of her escape plan…

Siobhan Finneran said: “I’m incredibly happy to be involved in Cold Feet as I’ve always been a fan. It’s an absolute joy to be part of such a iconic series. Working with Robert and the rest of the cast has been a great pleasure.”

Also confirmed for the new series are Jacey Sallés as Ramona Ramirez, who has returned to Karen’s side as her PA at the fledgling publishing company, and Paul Ritter as Benjamin, Karen’s new and unwanted business partner.