The Last Dragonslayer Confirmed For Christmas Day

Sky 1 has announced that The Last Dragonslayer, based on the first of Jasper Fforde’s novels about an indentured orphan who discovers her true destiny as a dragonslayer, will premiere on Christmas Day.

It’s a fairly typical day in Hereford, all in all. Property prices are rising, the same old celebrity talent shows are on the TV, and the wizards you got in to rewire the house made a right mess of things.

Under the rule of His Royal Wondrousness King Snodd (Matt Berry), magic is on the way out; we’re on our way to there being a car in every garage and a Wonderbarn on every high street. The orphan-based economy is booming, and overseas, the Great Troll War rolls on. Meanwhile, over the forbidden Dragonlands, Maltcaisson (Richard E. Grant), the last of the great dragons, awaits his final battle.

It’s in this world that Jennifer Strange (Ellise Chappell), an orphan indentured to the great wizard Zambini (Andrew Buchan), finds herself thrust into an adventure fizzing with magic, mystery, and quarkbeasts. She may not know it yet, but Jennifer Strange is The Last Dragonslayer…

The star studded cast also includes: Noah Jupe as Tiger Prawns, Pauline Collins as Lady Mawgon, Ricky Tomlinson as Moobin, John Bradley as Gordon, George Webster as Sir Grifflon, John Dagleish as Blacklock, Nina Wadia as Mother Xenobia, and Anna Chancellor as the President of StuffCo.