Detective Sergeant Nancy Devlin has a secret. She's living a double life.

Nancy's exemplary police career masks a covert attachment to shady businessman and drugs trafficker, Frank Le Saux. Inextricably linked to Frank from childhood as the father of her best friend, Hayley and the father figure she herself craved, Nancy has been playing a dangerous game – ensuring that Frank always remains off the police radar. When Frank is murdered Nancy finds herself at the centre of an investigation which will put her at risk of exposure and see her stalked by a killer intent on destroying her.

Cast: Duncan Elliot - Geoff Bell; Teresa Devlin - Suzanne Packer; Gayle Vincent - Jane Hazlegrove; Nancy Devlin - Karla Crome; Cherie Le Saux - Amanda Burton; Gil Devlin - Gary Lewis; Darryl Quinn - Lorne MacFadyen; Hayley Svrcek - Laura Haddock; Kevin O'Dowd - Rob James Collier; Michelle Newman - Lindsey Coulson; Sean 'Gunner' Martin - Noel Clarke; Shay Nash - Joe Absolom; Frank Le Saux - Philip Glenister;

Network: ITV (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 30.September.2016
Status: To Be Determined