From one of the most creative, daring, and provocative British writers, "Lipstick on Your Collar" was the last work by television writer, playwright, and screenwriter Dennis Potter, to be produced during his life. He died of cancer in June of 1994. Part musical, part romantic comedy, part male fantasy, the story revolves around Private Francis Francis who has just been assigned to the British War Office, as an Army Intelligence clerk, in 1956.

Cast: Sylvia Berry - Louise Germaine; Harold Atterbow - Roy Hudd; Major Church - Nicholas Farrell; Major Hedges - Clive Francis; Corporal Berry - Douglas Henshall; Lisa - Kim Huffman; Private Hopper - Ewan McGregor; Private Francis - Giles Thomas; Colonel Bernwood - Peter Jeffrey;

Network: Channel 4 (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 21.February.1993
Status: Ended