British seven part mini series based on the book by Olivia Manning.

As the second world war breaks out in 1939, Guy and Harriet Pringle are living in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. As the Germans advance, they have to escape, first to Greece and then on to Egypt - but the war keeps on following them.

Cast: Guy Pringle - Kenneth Branagh; Aidan Pratt - Greg Hicks; Prince Yakimov - Ronald Pickup; Professor Gracey - Clifford Rose; Dobson - Charles Kay; Castlebar - Robert Stephens; Lord Pinkrose - Alan Bennett; Mortimer - Anthony Calf; Edwina Little - Diana Hardcastle; Simon Boulderstone - Rupert Graves; Dubedat - Mark Drewry; Sasha Drucker - Harry Burton; Inchcape - James Villiers; Harriet Pringle - Emma Thompson;

Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 11.October.1987
Status: Ended