In a busy corporate law firm, Cooper-Fozard in the City of London, Stephen Bradley and his team work fast and furiously to put together mergers, takeovers and buyouts for a range of clients. But it's never as clear and clinical as that. When colleagues work hard they often play hard too; and working closely sometimes brings people together after hours. Soon you develop a taste for a good deal, and you can sense a suspicious one at forty paces. And above all, though you don't have to like the people you work with, you learn that you do need to trust them. Trust is a pacy precinct drama with sharply drawn and witty characters facing challenging personal and professional situations against a dramatic backdrop of contemporary London.

Cast: Alan Cooper-Fozard - Ian McShane; Ashley Carter - Chiwetel Ejiofor; Stephen Bradley - Robson Green; Martin Greig - Neil Stuke; Annie Naylor - Sarah Parish; Maria Acklam - Eva Birthistle;

Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 09.January.2003
Status: Ended