Two Brighton-based students buy an internet murder game and are amazed by its realistic qualities. They perform the perfect cyber murder, but soon the boundaries between fantasy and reality become blurred when a real copycat killing takes place. Leaving the game, it seems, can be murder...

Cast: Susie - Emily Woof; Robin Butler-Cooke - Mark Tandy; DJ Brent Moyer - Jason Orange; DC Nathan - Aneirin Hughes; Carol - Stephanie Hudson; Neighbour to Pam Boxer - Grace Mitchell; Meryl Griffiths - Margot Leicester; Charlotte 'Charlie' Thorpe - Kathy Brolly; Harvey Levin - Stephen Greif; Son - Tunnel - William Sharrock; Randy - Joanna Griffiths; Alec Frogton - Martin Turner; Heather Ringwall - Kathy Brolly; Bouncer - Ross O'Hennessy; Security Guard - Ian East; Jamie - Mark Barton Hill; Sandra - Debbie Chazen; Jill - Laura Heath; Tracy - Sara Stephens; Tony 'Scruffy' O'Reilly - Simon Meacock; Watchdog - Duncan Holmes; Brian - Simon Greiff; Jarvis - Mark Denham; Joe Hunter - Paul Bettany; Victor - Oded Fehr; Taxi Driver - Barry Ewart; DS Hawkes - Stephen Boxer; Sharon - Natalie Loveridge; Geoff Hearn - Bruce Purchase; Justin Holloway - Michael Culkin; Grace Soames - Bronwen Williams; DCI Collingwood - Christopher Neame; Daughter - Tunnel - Natalie Sharrock; Greg - Gregory Cox; Policeman - Player - Tim Faraday; Cyd Hayman - Cyd Hayman; Duty Police Sergeant - Geoffrey Freshwater; Porn - Black Sadie - Nicola Blackman; Father - Tunnel - Ian Sharrock; WPC Pamela Boxer - Raquel Cassidy; John Dome - Gareth Marks; Gordon - Lee Ingleby; Roger - Orlando Wells; Griff - Christopher Crooks; DI George Colby - Richard McCabe; Tom Miller - George Maguire; Carol - Zöe Lucker; Coral - Samantha Hudson; Scott Miller - Tam Williams; Mavis - Imogen Bain; Judy - Ilaria D'elia; Mr. Miller - Simon Williams; Italian Waiter - Simon Rossi;

Network: Channel 4 (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 05.May.1998
Status: Ended