Set in the town of Pontyberry, in the heart of the Welsh Valleys, Stella is a heartwarming comedy-drama written by and starring Ruth Jones.

Ruth plays Stella, a single mum of three. She doesn't have a lot of money, but she manages to keep the wolf from the door, and she's got a lot of love.

Now training to be a nurse, Stella navigates the dramas of small-town life - chiefly her own - and a rather complicated love life. But could new neighbour Michael Jackson be the route to happiness?

Cast: Lenny Mack - Gareth Pierce; Parvadi - Yasmine Akram; Sean - Kenny Doughty; Beyonce - Remy Beasly; Collette - Denise Gough; Daddy - Howell Evans; Rob - Mark Lewis Jones; Yanto - Russell Gromer; Stella Morris - Ruth Jones; Bobby - Aled Pugh; Dai - Owen Teale; Jasminder - Taj Atwal; Dia Davies - Anthony O'Donnell; Zoe - Beth Whitcomb ; Michael Jackson - Patrick Baladi; Ben - Justin Davies; Karl - Julian Lewis Jones; Cheryl - Clare Hingott; Jan - Tilly Blackwood; Keckers - Josh Cook; Rhian - Maxine Evans; Luke - Craig Gallivan; Big Al - Steve Speirs; Paula Kosh - Elizabeth Berrington; Glen - Dafydd Hywel; Sunil - Rory Girvan; Emma - Catrin Stewart; Little Alan - Daniel Gammond; Marj - Deddie Davies; Zoe - Bethan Witcomb; Verv - Eiry Hughes; Katie - Martha Mackintosh; Jagadeesh - Pal Aron; Celia - Emma Rydal; Aunty Brenda - Di Botcher; Tanisha - Sudha Bhuchar;

Network: Sky 1 (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 06.January.2012
Status: Ended