Around 1970, the British and American governments receive incontrovertible evidence that aliens exist and are abducting humans. In cooperation with the United Nations, they set up a secret worldwide organization, SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation), which operates in the 1980s. With resources and equipment under the seas, in the air, on land, in orbit and on the Moon, SHADO's purpose is to stop the alien incursions and find out why the aliens want humans.

Cast: Lt. Mark Bradley - Harry Baird; Col. Virginia Lake - Wanda Ventham; Joan Harrington - Antonia Ellis; Gen. James Henderson - Grant Taylor; Col. Alec Freeman - George Sewell; Cmdr. Ed Straker - Ed Bishop; Col. Paul Foster - Michael Billington; Lt. Gay Ellis copy - Gabrielle Drake; Capt. Peter Carlin - Peter Gordeno; Nina Barry - Delores Mantez; Dr. Doug Jackson - Vladek Sheybal;

Network: ITV (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 16.September.1970
Status: Ended