The Bill follows the officers of Sun Hill, a Metropolitan Police station located in the fictional Borough of Canley in London's East End. Created in 1983 by Geoff McQueen as a one-off drama called "Woodentop", The Bill was spun off as a full series, and ran for over 26 years and 2400 episodes. Covering both uniformed officers and CID detectives, the series is renowned for its accurate and authentic portrayal of policing in London.

Cast: Eddie Santini - Michael Higgs; Sergeant Diane Noble - Kaye Wragg; Inspector Rachel Weston - Claire Goose; Sgt Nikki Wright - Gillian Taylforth; Sgt. June Ackland - Trudie Goodwin; W.P.C. Norika Datta - Seeta Indrani; P.C. Reg Hollis - Jeff Stewart; PC Beth Green - Louisa Lytton; PC Leon Taylor - Dominic Power; PC Nick Klein - René Zagger; Sgt. Bob Cryer - Eric Richard; DC Stevie Moss - Lucy Speed; DCI Frank Burnside - Christopher Ellison; DCI Jack Meadows - Simon Rouse; DS Samantha Nixon - Lisa Maxwell; PC Gabriel Kent - Todd Carty; D.I. Chris Deakin - Shaun Scott; Insp. Andrew Monroe - Colin Tarrant; Sgt. Sheelagh Murphy - Bernie Nolan; Insp. Gina Gold - Roberta Taylor; DC Grace Dasari - Amita Dhiri; PC Vicky Hagen - Samantha Robson; D.S. Ted Roach - Tony Scannell; D.S. Don Beech - Billy Murray; P.C. George Garfield - Huw Higginson; D.S. Alistair Greig - Andrew Mackintosh; DC Mickey Webb - Chris Simmons; P.C. Steve Loxton - Tom Butcher; PC/Sergeant Dale Smith - Alex Walkinshaw; Ch. Insp. Derek Conway - Ben Roberts; PC Sally Armstrong - Ali Bastian; P.C. Gary McCann - Clive Wedderburn; P.C. Mike Jarvis - Stephen Beckett; Ch. Supt. Brownlow - Peter Ellis; Sgt. Matthew Boyden - Tony O'Callaghan; D.S. Danny Pearce - Martin Marquez; DC Tosh Lines - Kevin Lloyd; PC Tony Stamp - Graham Cole; W.P.C. Polly Page - Lisa Geoghan; Taylor Little - Bobby Lockwood; PC Dave Quinnan - Andrew Paul; D.C. Jim Carver - Mark Wingett; DS Phil Hunter - Scott Maslen;

Network: ITV (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 16.October.1984
Status: Ended