Eldorado was a British soap set on the sunny, Southern coast of Spain in the small resort of Los Barcos. The series was axed a little after one year of production due to initial ratings and media criticism over poor story lines and casting choices. The custom designed set is still standing (as of 2012).

Cast: Trine Svendsen - Clare Wilkie; Philippe Leduc - Daniel Lombart; Lene Svendsen - Nanna Moller; Marcus Tandy - Jesse Birdsall; Gavin Hindle - Darren Newton; Maria Fernandez - Maria Sanchez; Bunny Charlson - Roger Walker; Roberto Fernandez - Franco Rey; Pier Svendsen - Kim Rømer; Gerry Peters-Smith - Buki Armstrong; Javier Fernandez - Iker Ibanez; Nessa Lockhead - Julie Fernandez; Olive King - Faith Kent; Kitty Hindle - Jeannie Crowther; Terry Flynn - Ben Murphy; Isabelle Leduc - Framboise Gommendy; Allan Hindle - Jon Morrey; Drew Lockhead - Campbell Morrison; Fizz - Kathy Pitkin; Blair Lockhead - Josh Nathan; Rosemary Webb - Hilary Crane; Joy Slater - Leslee Udwin; Arnaud Leduc - Mikael Philippe; Gwen Lockhead - Patricia Brake; Snowy White - Patch Connolly; Freddie Martin - Roland Curram; Dieter Schultz - Kai Maurer; Pilar Moreno - Sandra Sandri; Stanley Webb - William Lucas; Trish Valentine - Polly Perkins; Ingrid Olsson - Bo Corre; Rosario Fernandez - Stella Maris;

Network: BBC One (United Kingdom)
Premiered: 06.July.1992
Status: Ended