Val McDermid Develops Resistance For BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 has announced Resistance, a three-part drama by Val McDermid that reflects some of the latest concerns by the scientific community about the rise of antibiotic resistance.

Resistance follows Zoe Meadows (Gina McKee), a journalist at a music festival in the North East of England. A mystery illness erupts at the festival and nobody’s quite sure how it’s travelling. As the drama unfolds, the disease becomes an uncontrollable epidemic, highlighting many real life challenges to the scientific and medical community.

Developed through the annual two-day Experimental Stories workshop where radio writers and producers work with researchers to develop drama, Resistance is a collaboration between BBC Radio 4 and Wellcome.

Val McDermid says: “Drama makes the science behind Resistance impossible to ignore because it puts us in the shoes of those who are affected.”

“Radio drama … is intimate and immediate and nimble – it can react quickly to events because we don’t need to build sets and design costumes. We just let the actors give the words their full weight and the listeners become part of the story.”