Wealth & Poverty Streets Apart In NW Adaptation

BBC Two’s adaptation of Zadie Smith’s NW, starring Nikki Amuka-Bird (Luther) and Phoebe Fox (A View From The Bridge), will premiere on 14th November.

NW is the story of Natalie (Amuka-Bird) and Leah (Fox), two friends who grew up together on a council estate in North West London, but whose lives have taken them in different directions. Whilst Leah has not ventured far, Natalie has become a barrister, living in an affluent neighbourhood.

Set apart from the friends and family she grew up with, Natalie finds herself asking not only who she really is, but where she belongs. In an area where wealth and poverty are only streets apart, life is fragile and secrets are dangerous – as Natalie and Leah are about to find out.

Director, Saul Dibb, says: “NW manages to take one place and look at it through all of these different perspectives, from the eyes of people who differ in terms of culture, race and class. I hope it enhances the understanding of how people come to be in these different walks of life.”

“I guess now more than ever we need to be understanding of our neighbours and be able to empathise with all different kinds of people. I think that’s what NW does – it punctures so many stereotypes.”

NW premieres 14th November on BBC Two at 9pm.