Yonderland Series 3 Trailer Featuring Stephen Fry

Sky 1 has released a first look trailer for Yonderland series three which features Stephen Fry’s new character, Cuddly Dick, an eccentric former Elder who has been imprisoned for years by the now-dead Imperatrix.

It’s a time of peace and prosperity in Yonderland. Debbie (Martha Howe-Douglas) has fulfilled the prophecy that brought her, via a portal in her kitchen cupboard, to Yonderland as the Chosen One, and her arch-nemesis Imperatrix is gone.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Debbie’s husband Peter (Dan Skinner) has been offered a promotion that means the family must relocate to Glasgow. After the arrival of the long-lost Elder Cuddly Dick, Debbie feels she can leave the realm in his safe hands. But is she really ready to leave Yonderland forever?

Sky Head of Comedy, Jon Mountague, said: “We’re overjoyed to welcome the brilliantly original Yonderland back to Sky 1. And now with added Stephen Fry! Cuddle up – Sunday teatimes may never be the same again.”

Yonderland series three premieres Sunday 16 October on Sky 1 at 6.30pm.